Trying to find things to do while in confinement? 

Of course, you are, like so many of us.

It’s time to slow down and try to adapt to this world crisis.

Since China’s disastrous events hit the news, everyone is fighting the coronavirus on all continents, and many countries are in perpetual lockdown.

Some more than others, as it seems very flexible, according to certain countries. 

But chances are high that your city has implemented some type of restriction. 

Where I live, we’ve had 2 lockdowns, curfews, and specific rules for going out.

It’s debatable whether we should all be following the same rules or if each country should keep doing as it pleases. 

But that’s another story. 

For now, If you’re trying to find things to do while in confinement, this list should help you.

Remember to take this time for the simpler things in life.



Haha yes, of course, you can travel in your living room!

Well, maybe not the way you imagined…

So make sure to check the above link and play around with a few ideas without leaving home.



Yoga, for example, or pilates is excellent to do while in confinement as it’s not too violent yet seriously strengthens muscle. 

There are several apps that help you plan a workout and allow you to track your progress.

If you need cardio, then dig out a jump rope and time yourself!

Or better yet, put on some cool music and just dance in the living room! Maybe you like an old classic? Or more modern music ? Maybe oriental?

If you prefer being a couch potato, that’s ok, but eventually, I think you’ll want to get and dance!



Lockdown implies you’re stuck between 4 walls.

But if you find a comfortable position and a great book, you can go so much further without leaving home.

It’s an excellent thing to do while in confinement as it takes you away to far off lands or allows you to meet interesting people.

When you get involved in a story, coupled with your imagination, it’s the perfect formula.

Soon you’ll forget that you can’t physically go anywhere. 



Do something artistic. It can be as simple as painting what you see outside to more elaborate projects. 

Draw up a comic strip. Write a great story. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t’ know how… 

Just let your imagination go where it wants to…

Believe me, it’s good for your mental health.

My daughter, for example, signed up for a virtual singing contest.

It’s fun and there’s no one face to face if you fear other people’s opinions.



Writing comes in many forms.

If you have it in you to write a book or a story, then what better time to start?

If you’re not at all into writing anything longer than a page, then start a journal.

Each day take a few minutes to write how you feel, what you’re thinking, and if you have any projects in the future. 

Write whatever you want. There is no right or wrong way of doing a journal. The only important thing is to write a few lines daily to get the habit going. 



Time to head into the kitchen! Bake a cake. Make cookies.

Or try a new recipe!

You can add simple recipes to the list of things to do while in confinement. Enjoy new tastes and smells that will transport you to far off places!

It’s fun, and if you’re with your family, I’m sure they would love to pitch in.



You have time now, so no excuses!

I’m trying to learn how to play the harmonica although I’m not good at it all!!

But it’s fun to practice.

Get out the guitar, the flute, sit at the piano or find your harmonica, whatever your instrument is, start practicing.

You’ll make progress fast!



Or brush up on the language skills you already have!

I give private conversation lessons in English and French. I do it face to face.

However, I am trying to set up options through Skype or Whatsapp.

If you’d like to practice before I’ve set everything up, just write to me at and we can talk together about schedules, practice, and life.

In the meantime, if you’re a beginner you can practice these phrases out loud 🙂



How cool is that? When you’re itching to get out but can’t… 

A fantastic thing to do while in confinement is going anyways! Without leaving home, of course.

You can check out amazing works of art from your living room. 

These include:  

The Sistine Chapel, 

Take a wonderful trip through the museums and chapels and hidden rooms. Discover Italian beauty and all its details!

The Louvre, 

Paris. Need I say more about the Louvre? 

Such a contrast between the outside and the inside and that’s probably part of the magic. 

Avoid all lines and go see this fantastic virtual tour!

The Guggenheim, and the Rijksmuseum.

In this amazing city full of romantic canals and eclectic neighborhoods, Amsterdam has quite a few star museums. 

Some portray the city’s history while other museums expose their unique works of art. 



Use this time to spring clean!

Or at least clean those places we never have time for? 

And why not make your own cleaning products while you’re at it? 

As an example, you can make this all-purpose cleaner and get trigger happy around your home 🙂



  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 4 parts water
  • ½ teaspoon of dish soap
  • 15 drops of essential oil to cut the smell of the vinegar.

Whatever scent you prefer. We use lemon or lavender. 

It’s always good to have a spray bottle ready.

Use it on countertops, light switches, remote control and all other surfaces you come in contact with.

Don’t forget to label the bottle.



Or even just a deck of cards will give you something to do while in confinement. 

If you’re with your family, then what better way to pass the time than to play? 

Take turns choosing the boardgame and offer a huge piece of cake to the winner! Puzzles are also a great way to play together and learn focus and concentration. 



During these trying times, don’t wallow in self-pity and negative thoughts.

Yes, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose motivation because we can’t find much to do while in confinement. 

But think again.

We can do a lot.

Keep the list in plain sight and keep adding to it as you find new things to do.

Or better yet, get your gratitude journal and in less than 1 minute per day, you can shift your perspective.


We are confined. Lockdown. No choice about that. 

But we have a choice about how we deal with it and what we do to shift our focus. 

It’s temporary. Things will get back to normal…


And in the meantime, get your creative juices flowing, move your body, escape by trying new things and attempting new experiences. 

Go for it. I know you can do it!

Then tell me what you’ve tried, I’d love to know 🙂


People are scrambling to make sense of this whole thing and trying to get organized as the updates come in.

So many questions and as many answers.

But because we often confuse facts with opinions, it’s hard to get a clear picture of what’s to come.

Today, what we do know is that prevention plays a big part in fighting the coronavirus. 

So Stay Home.

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