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A simple living lifestyle is nothing more than lightning up.

What does that mean?

Simply put it relates to getting rid of the things which don’t bring you joy.

Stop buying compulsively to compensate for the lack of fulfillment.

Slow down, focus and reshift priorities in order to do what you truly feel is good for you.

Tell people you love – that you love them.

There are many steps to a simple living lifestyle. They are all simple as the name leads us to believe.

But simple doesn’t mean easy.



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Even if the benefits are tenfold, implementing simple living can actually be quite hard.

Because as humans we are not programmed to change in our best interest. We do what needs to be done and more often than not we are on overload mode.

Overload of stuff. Overload of feelings.

Overload of bottled up emotions.


You know you’re in overload mode when you are always running, always busy, always feeling like there’s never enough time.

Or that others are taking you for granted. Or just plain tired. All the time.

There are other signs of course.

But what’s important is: What do you want?

Do you want to keep going down this road?

Or is it time for a change?


Change is never easy, but it’s worth striving for with self-awareness and a serious shift in our to-do lists.

Many people don’t want or need to change, and that’s just fine.



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This isn’t for them.

But if you long for something more meaningful than what you’re living right now, then start asking the right questions and moving forward.

Keep in mind that baby steps are the only way to start.

I mean really baby steps.

Start with what do I really want? This question in itself could take some time to answer.

Then break that step down into manageable bits and ease your way into the change through practice.

For some, the benefits are felt right away, for others it takes much longer.

But it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you’ve made a decision to lighten up, that’s a major step forward in the direction that you have chosen.

Below are some of the benefits of starting a simple living lifestyle.





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One of the main benefits of a Simple Living Lifestyle is doing what’s important to you and getting rid of the rest.

It’s not running around without real purpose trying to get the long list of to-do lists checked off.

Freeing up time can be scary for some people, they may feel like nothing is happening.

But once you pinpoint what you want, everything falls into place.

Refocusing will help you slow down, and in turn, little by little, you will be able to achieve what truly makes you feel fulfilled because you have more time.




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We are often very busy. Ok, we are all very busy all the time.

That seems to be life today and for some reason, everyone accepts it claiming there is no other way.

But things have to get done, right?

Of course.

But do ALL things have to get done? Really?

I’m not convinced.

I believe that we lie to ourselves.

We add so much stuff to do daily, monthly, yearly that our lives are spent on turbo mode.

It gives a false feeling of accomplishment.

When was the last time you asked yourself  “is this what I really want out of life?”


Find your purpose. Take the time, be honest about what really brings you joy.






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A very practical benefit of a simple living lifestyle is your finances.

Once you learn how to downsize you will naturally spend less and save more.

And re-invest in what you truly want.

Shopping sprees won’t be necessary anymore to fill you up.

Buying real food instead of fake food will also help you save and it’s better for your health.

When thinking of activities to do with the kids, no need to spend a ton of money because it’s the “in” thing to do.

Simple pleasures bring us closer.

They won’t notice the difference and you’ll be in line with your new lifestyle.

Unless your kids are teenagers (like mine), in which case, do keep them in mind, but downsize the rest without hesitating.


You will enjoy and do things that have real meaning for you.





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Once you’ve refocused your goals and shifted your priorities, then naturally your stress level will diminish.


Avoid getting involved in how other people should live their lives.

Practice saying no when you really want to say no but end up saying yes.

Practice asking yourself each and every time you do something if it has a purpose if it will help you move forward towards joy and self-fulfillment.

Or if it’s just taking up space in your life with no interest for you.


Find a few things you’d like to do differently. One thing.





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Simple living is about understanding the habits that weigh you down and changing them.

As a result, you will naturally give value to what is truly important to you.

It will also positively change the relationships with those around you because you will not react “automatically” when someone does something that makes you angry.

And you will no longer blame them for your results or feelings.

Your reaction will change naturally once you’ve placed value on yourself. The way you receive upsetting information will change for the same reason.

Living a simple living lifestyle is about waking up in the morning feeling ready for life in all its beauty. And understanding that you are part of that beauty.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to deal with problems.  After all, that’s life and life has many sides. But simple living makes it easier.

What will change is how you react to all of these obstacles along the way.

Remember the baby steps.


You are who you think you are. And you are part of the beauty.






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Your kids. Big or small kids and of all ages use parents as examples – whether we like it or not.

If you’ve adopted a simple living lifestyle, they will too.

It’s an unconscious thing and they learn from what we do – or don’t do.

By calming your reactions, by speaking directly to them and not screaming from the room next door, they will learn.

When you take care of yourself by removing toxic people from your life, or when your long to-do list becomes a small list of important things, they learn.

Even if they don’t actually see the list, they see how you deal with things.

How you interact and how you react.

The tone of your voice, the words you use.

The expression on your face.

And they learn.

If you choose to follow a simple living lifestyle they will also reap a few benefits.

Their beliefs are in the making and having you as their example will eventually teach them about health, finances, relationships and finding purpose.


But the most important thing children will understand is that the love of oneself is the key to loving others.



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For those who want to give simple living a try, take baby steps.

And practice.

There’s no rush to get anywhere, no need for additional pressure.

It’s all about the journey.


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