How do you express yourself? Do you have a hobby or passion? Are you someone with a logical mind who needs to track things? 

Or do you just want to express yourself through your abstract imagination? 

For those who already use a journal, you know that the benefits are undeniable

And if you’re starting out on your journaling journey, here are some ideas to get you in the right direction. (only a few among a long list!)

Art Journal for Everyone


An artist’s journal (affiliate link) is the type of notebook that anyone can use.

Even if can’t draw stick figures, you can still express yourself! Art journals are whatever you want them to be, the only prerequisite is to work with your heart.

Using an art journal changes your perspective and your mood. It’s liberating and allows for unexplored freedom of thought. 

And in these uncertain times, making art, in whatever form, reduces stress and calms the mind.

When you need to express yourself through art, always remember that there’s no right or wrong way!

Find some colored pencils, a few watercolors, a tube of paint, or a ballpoint pen and bits of things that mean something to you. Or even just a black pencil will do.

Just let your imagination do the rest. 

All Things Food Type of Journal


I love food, cooking, and everything that revolves around trying something new in my kitchen. 

If you’re the same, use this type of journal to write out recipes with a special meaning or new recipes you’d like to try when you have time. 

Add photos, grocery lists, notes on things you did differently. You can even draw or doodle and make your journal personal to you. 

Add words. Food and feelings are closely linked, so you might try to express your thoughts on your relationship with food – whether you need to get over specific struggles or track your healthy choices.  

Projects Present and Future


Are you a DIY pro? Do you have plans to start a new side hustle or full-fledged company? Or are you passionate about knitting?

What are your projects in progress or ideas for future ones?

Here is where you write it all down – in the projects journal. 

Detail the instructions and all materials you’ll need. 

Plan out a mind map to visually understand what to include. Write out a bucket list of all projects in your mind waiting to see the light!

Feelings Journal 



The feelings journal is a blank notebook where you get out what you have inside you. It’s the most important and most effective type of journal to get your thoughts in check.

When your bottled up feelings cause you problems, then it’s time to pull the cork. 

Let go of the pressure on paper and express yourself freely.

Not only does it make space in her head, but it might also clear up your tangled thoughts.

And that’s always a good thing to get a little breathing room.

If the blank page intimidates you, I’ve made a few prompts below to help you out.

Download your journal prompts and start journaling today.

What Shape Are You In? 


This type of journal is more of a tracking tool to help you follow your fitness progress over a certain period of time. 

However, you can also use it to express yourself if you’re starting out a new health program.

Or, if you’re having a hard time motivating yourself, then write about it.

Try to pinpoint your weak points and understand how to overcome them. Or make a list of things that motivate you to achieve certain fitness goals. 

Keep those in mind, and your journal will help you to make progress.

Creative Writing Journal


Do you have a writer in you? Have you always wanted to write a story? A book? You’d like to express yourself through poetry?  

Whatever creative writing process you prefer, just put those words down in your creative writing journal. 

The journal is yours and yours alone!  So express yourself to your heart’s content and just test out the waters to see where it leads! 

That’s the whole idea behind keeping a journal.

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Relationship Journal


I haven’t tested this type of journal myself. But I saw my daughter use it while in a long-distance relationship with her ex. 

They’d only see each other on weekends and took turns keeping the journal and writing according to certain prompts on each page. 

Some page prompts included: 

  • Things we want to do together.
  • Compliments. 
  • Places to visit. 
  • Things we said to each other the other person appreciated. 
  • Foods to try, movies to see, 
  • Why I’m sorry … and so on..
  • Probably other personal prompts that she didn’t share with me but use your imagination.

This went on for several months and proved to be a great way to get to know each other better. 

Finance Tracking


Like the fitness journal, the finance journal is more of a tracking tool—a very useful tool to avoid being in a bad place financially. 

Plus, you can also write down your thoughts about money, how you feel if your finances are low, or on the contrary, what you wish to do if they are high!

I’m not great at keeping track of finances. I know what comes in, I know what goes out – but it pretty much stops there for me. 

You, on the other hand, can get creative 🙂

Create financial plans, figure out how to save for your next big project. Understand where you can cut corners or, on the contrary, splurge for something special. 

Not my favorite type of journal, but nonetheless an essential one. 

Your Unique Form of Expression


Express yourself in the journal that best fits your needs. Why not have more than one? Explore what you’d like to achieve and get started. 

There’s no right or wrong way to use a journal – it’s yours and for your eyes only!  So don’t hesitate or find weird excuses to not open up that first page. (we’re so good at that, right?)

I’ve always journaled and have piles of notebooks as proof of my journaling addiction. But each time, what takes the longest, is finding the new perfect notebook to continue my journey.

I wish you to find that perfect notebook quickly and am sending you good energy to express yourself on a fresh page.

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