Need bullet journal ideas? Here are 7 to help you get started. 

Who invented the Bullet journal?

A New York-based designer by the name of Ryder Caroll developed a system that allows an optimal organization.

It brings together a notebook, sketchbook, diary, and journal all in one. 

Watch his video explaining how he invented the bullet journal.

What’s your intention?

Bullet journal ideas are endless! But there is one crucial element when designing your own journal: and that’s the intention you lay on each page.

If each page has a purpose to you then it will help you stay organized.

After you identify how a bullet journal can work best for you, you can then have some fun with the creative process.

Use markers, icons, stickers, stencils, drawings, make your own table of contents, or keep it simple and sober. Anything goes, as long as it serves YOUR purpose.

It’s up to you. 

That’s the beauty of it.

So what’s your intention? Why do you want to start a bullet journal and what do you need?

Here’s how to get started if you’re a beginner. 


The above video explains how the bullet journal was intended to be used by its inventor.

However, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first start.

So please keep it simple and remember the basics.

  • Think of what you want to include in your bullet journal. What could help you stay organized? What do you want to track? What projects do you want to include? Keep asking questions that relate to your day to day and your life in general.
  • Write down all the bullet journal ideas that mean something to you. Only include things you genuinely care about. 
  • Now it’s time to gather your crayons, markers, tape, stickers, etc… Keep in mind that you only really need a couple of markers if you wish to start simple. 

Otherwise, create an index that you can easily follow.

Your personal bullet journal ideas will depend on how much of your life you need on your pages. Do you need to track? To elaborate? To dream? To schedule?

Keep things organized with symbols and colors, from what’s for dinner tonight to a detailed work strategy coming up. 

But you have to start somewhere, right?

Here are a few bullet journal ideas to spark your imagination. 

1. Track those habits


Need to get organize your day? Your thoughts? Your priorities? Trying to get healthy? Or make time to read more? Need to save some money?

Whatever is important to you, then start tracking in your new bullet journal.

A few examples of things to track:

  • Your water intake

  • Your exercise routine

  • Where you spend your money- track your finances in detail.

  • Meditation sessions

  • Your period

  • How many times you’ve had sushi this month 🙂 

2. Who loves lists? 


A to-do list always helps in keeping you organized, but it doesn’t always have to be about tomorrow’s obligations.

They can also be fun and include things you want to do more of.

Or specifics you want to accomplish in your life.

For example:

  • Include books you want to read.

  • Movies you want to see.

  • A bucket list of things you want to accomplish.

  • A long list of things that make you happy.

  • A beautiful list of simple things that make you smile. 

3. Just 1 minute of GRATITUDE 

Gratitude is a biggie in any notebook! And also among bullet journal ideas.

It may not be easy at first, but you can practice.

What you choose to be grateful for can be as small as feeling a ray of sunshine on your face, to a huge accomplishment.

How To Each day, write 3 things that you feel grateful for.

4. Too Much?

If starting a bullet journal seems overwhelming, then why not use an existing planner or other agenda as a base?

The calendar pages are already organized making it easier to start brainstorming bullet journal ideas.

You can then use your imagination to draw or color around the edges and within specific layouts.

Keep away from overwhelm and do simple.

You can still add your own personal touch on every page using doodles, markers, and other favorite material you have on hand.

5. Make Bullet Journal Ideas easy


If you love the idea of starting a bullet journal but really don’t have a lot of time, then use printables to paste on your page. 

That’s half the job done. There are a lot of layout examples on the internet. Find the ones you like and get inspired!

The other half is to source your creativity and make it personal. 

6. Big and Small


One of the most essential bullet journal ideas is to follow your goals, big or small. 

Any goal big or small, can be achieved with a good plan of action. Use yearly, monthly and weekly layouts.

Want to build your self-esteemThen make a beautiful page just for affirmations. 

Not sure what’s for dinner tonight? Make an index of your simple recipes and a master grocery list for the week.

Want a clean apartment? Then you need a cleaning calendar page

For big future projects, first, you need to name them, describe them in detail, then lay out a plan of action to achieve them one small step at a time.

7. Record the intangible


It’s been proven so many times over that writing how you feel decreases your stress. 

Reap the benefits of keeping a journal within your bullet journal to express your deepest thoughts and feelings. 

Write about you – because after all, it is your bullet journal right?

But also write about your family, other people in your life, how you feel and what your thoughts are. Write about your dreams and goals, and wishes.

And record your most inspiring and favorite quotes !

Every moment is a fresh beginning. – T.S Eliot

A few notes on bullet journal ideas


Here’s a guide for the best pens to use on your bullet journal ideas. 

Can’t draw?

Don’t worry if you can’t draw. The point isn’t to make an art journal.

The purpose is to create a practical bullet journal that makes you happy regardless of artistic experience. 

You can you stencils or contour special lettering to make things easier. And of course, you can rely on stickers for instant results.

Check out Instagram for a few ideas on layouts.

What’s the purpose?

The purpose of a bullet journal is to streamline organize things that matter to you within the pages of a highly personal and creative journal. 

This can, at times, be overwhelming. 

So start simple. 


  • Get inspired by others, but don’t blindly set up similar pages if they don’t serve you. Never lose sight of what works for you and what you like best.
  • Make your bullet journal easy to use. Otherwise, if you just focus on making it pretty, it will end up on a shelf!
  • The choice of notebooks is important. If you can’t draw a straight line, then choose a notebook with dotted pages.

    Make it easy on yourself!

What’s your bullet journal idea?

It’s important to gather ideas when you first start your bullet journal but don’t forget to hone in on your needs and wants.

This new bullet journal is yours, so it has to be about you!

You won’t be able to do everything at once, and you shouldn’t. A bullet journal takes time, one page at a time.

Don’t rush !

By taking your time and figuring out the basics, you’ll have a fantastic system that will help you stay organized for years to come.


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