Improve your self-esteem to open up and liberate your feelings and thoughts. 

Self-esteem is the way you think of your self and if your low self-esteem makes life difficult, then it’s time to try and change that.

To varying degrees, It prevents you from achieving what you want and creates unbalanced relationships. 

When you improve your self-esteem, you improve your chances of feeling steady in your footsteps and in your heart. You can then move forward feeling confident and happy about yourself.

What is Low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem means you lack the confidence necessary to think well about yourself. You may feel you don’t have what it takes to do certain things or just feel extremely sensitive to criticism even when it’s done with positive intent. 

It’s normal to feel bad sometimes about ourselves, but people with low self-esteem are unhappy most of the time and their feelings stop them from seeing things the way they really are.

Add to that your critical inner voice and life just gets hard no matter who you are.

f you take things way too personal or if you feel bad about yourself, you may be suffering from low self-esteem. 



The list below includes a few recognizable signs of low self-esteem. 

  1. Negative self talk
    For example: always finding fault with what you do – or don’t do – or how you do it. It’s a negative cycle of words that just don’t improve your self-esteem in any way.
  1. Finding it difficult to make important choices
  1. Not feeling deserving of certain things – the best things for you.
    For example, if you stay in a nonfulfilling relationship. Or feel embarrassed to ask for a raise, although you deserve it.
  1. Not speaking your mind.
    For example, if you don’t agree with your friends, family, or coworkers you prefer to stay silent than speak your opinion.
  1. Saying I’m sorry way too often
    For example, instead of acknowledging that you’re a part of this world, you keep apologizing for your actions and words.
  1. Negative body perception
    For example, I’m too fat, I’m too ugly, I look like (insert your own words). 

How Can You Improve Your Self Esteem?


Although there are many ways to improve your self-esteem, it’s important to note that it takes time. 

It’s crucial to first make a and conscious decision to put in place positive behavior to counter low self-esteem.

And if you’re here, I hope it’s because you feel worthy enough to take care of yourself today. 

So let’s start with a few simple things you can do to improve your self-esteem. 

Simple means simple – but simple doesn’t mean easy. So be patient.

Improve your self-esteem and Stop Comparing 

Yes, we all do without realizing it. We compare on social media, at work, on magazine pages, on the street, on tv shows. 

We compare ourselves to people we don’t even know! How crazy is that? It’s ongoing and never stops.

But to improve your self-esteem you have to stop the comparison game. 

If you can consider and understand that we are all unique and therefore move forward at a different pace, then you can start to respect your own journey. 

And that in itself is worth a celebration. 

Your Perception is Your Reality

We use our perception to make sense of things that happen in our lives. But we don’t always see things the way they really are because our feelings affect our perception.

Why? Because we have scripted thoughts anchored in our brains that in certain situations tell us we are less than, not worthy, not capable… 

And these thought patterns alter our perception of reality. 

The way we see things becomes our reality – and it’s not an accurate portrait. 

Consider questioning your perceptions before jumping to the usual negative conclusions. 

A very simple example: 

 You see someone you know on the street, but haven’t talked to in a while –  and she walks right by you.  Your first reaction is probably “ she doesn’t like me”, – when in fact she didn’t have her glasses and just didn’t see you! (this happened to me). 

This is a small example, but imagine how your altered perceptions can influence your relationships and the way you feel about yourself.

So stop jumping to conclusions!

Start questioning more and your perception will change.

If You Can Count it Improve Your Self-Esteem


Start counting the good stuff. Do it regularly.

Gratitude takes practice but it works. Easy to say when in just a few seconds we’re able to whip up a list of all our flaws.

That’s just the point. 

To improve your self-esteem, you first need to find value within yourself. 

And that starts with gratitude. 

Each time you start talking bad stuff make a conscious effort to replace it with something good. 

If it’s too hard then use affirmations. Affirmations are an excellent way to improve your self-esteem by changing what you tell yourself. 

I have affirmations all over my walls! Find the ones you relate to best and print it out or memorize them through repetition.

Try it. 

Stick To The Facts


Do you speak the truth to yourself? Or are you just believing your own lies?

When we repeat the same tapes, the same negative self-talk over and over, there’s no differentiating fact from fiction.

To improve your self-esteem, you need to know the truth about yourself.  One way to do this is to keep a journal and track your progress.

What are the usual negative stuff you tell yourself?(facts) How can you replace those thoughts? Write it all down.

What accomplishments in the past have made you proud? (facts)

What would you like to change about yourself and what steps do you need to take to make it happen? (facts)

What do you like about yourself and your body? (don’t let negative talk answer for you!)

If you’ve never written in a journal and need some prompts to help you start, then just download below. 

It’s Not Just About Inner Feelings


It’s also about your home and your body.

Home Harmony: To improve your self-esteem at home get rid of visual clutter and make your space an enjoyable place to spend your time. 

Move your body: It’s been proven that when we move our bodies it has a direct impact on our minds and how we feel about ourselves. 

A daily walk, a 20-minute dance in the living room, fun activities with other people – your choice. Just move daily. 

Social Media: Reduce your social media time. Scrolling mindlessly doesn’t improve your self-esteem. 

Quite the opposite happens when you keep comparing, criticizing, or wishing it was you in that particular situation. 

Just stop. 

Plus screens, in general, aren’t good for your beauty sleep.

Eat healthy: Or at least healthier. The foods we eat also impact our mood. For example, too much sugar wreaks havoc with our brain and provokes severe mood swings. 

But you already knew that right? 

There’s no doubt about it. How you treat your body influences your feelings. 

It’s all connected. 

Seek Professional Help

If you find yourself retreating from life a little more each day, or if you haven’t been able to deal with a particular situation, please seek professional help. 

A therapist can help you crawl out from under those heavy feelings and give you the tools to rebuild your confidence. 

Many people seek the help of a therapist because it’s proven to work. 

One Step at a Time


Low self-esteem comes from a lot of places, but it’s important to decide that you want things to change. 

If you don’t like something about yourself or your life, then change it. Make a real plan with the necessary steps to achieve your goal. If you’re running on wishful thinking and want to make impossible changes, then acceptance is the only alternative to move forward. 

Be methodical about it. Pinpoint when and in what type of situations your self-esteem goes down. With whom? How does it manifest itself? 

Once you’re able to take an objective look at the problem, that’s when you can start to improve your self-esteem step by step. 

Take it slow, one step at a time, and find what works best for you. 

I believe in you and am sending good energy your way!

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