Be happy with yourself! It’s time for a fresh start.

When was the last time you were happy with yourself? When you sit with your morning hot drink do you often think “I’m in a good place and that’s enough for me”?. 

That probably hasn’t even crossed your mind. How can it be with lots of things on your to-do lists and when the end of the tunnel seems too far down the line.

Whether it’s the crazy world we’re living in, or that you’re feeling overwhelmed by taking care of family and work… I agree it’s really hard to find motivation sometimes. 

It’s like you’re in robot mode and your intention for the day is out of focus. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

The start of a new year brings on the willingness to change a few things. Take advantage of it and learn to be happy with yourself before moving on to other things.

With a little self-awareness, it’s possible to turn things around and feel good about where you are ad be happy with yourself. Try the simple steps below and gain insight into what’s possible.

1. Change your thoughts


It starts here.

It’s a very hard place to start but once you get through this step the rest just flows. 

The first step: to be happy with yourself you have to first be aware of what you’re thinking! 

Most of us go through the day with our own set of thoughts and don’t realize some are negative. 

Rehashing problems with no solutions, bad self-esteem, feeling like a victim, blaming others, lack of motivation, etc… 

If we repeat something enough it gets programmed in our brain and solutions get clouded.

Changing your thoughts is extremely difficult to do but with tiny steps, your perception will change and you will begin to be happy with yourself.

Reverse the way you talk to yourself. 

Implement visualization if needed. 

2. Build one good habit to be happy with yourself

two books stacked habits

Once you’ve adopted a habit it’s automatic.

But it takes patience and willingness to cultivate new habits. You must be intentional about it until it becomes a part of you.

For example, if you want to create a solid reading habit, then schedule in a few pages daily.

Some say it takes 21 days, others say longer. But there’s nothing better than personal experience. So if you want to be happy with yourself, just begin.

Starting is very hard, but if you try it for 10 minutes per day, or write it on your calendar as a reminder, then it’s progress.

For example, a good habit could be establishing morning habits to stay calm when the alarm goes off. 

Or if you’re overwhelmed with all the piles everywhere then start a decluttering habit. 

Just start with one habit.

If you’re eating unhealthy and feeling it, then make sure you’re having more fruits and veggies at every meal. 

If you can’t find anything because your home is a mess, then choose one shelf and make space. 

You get the gist.

3. Find a routine that works for you


After you’ve taken the time to choose which habit you want to work on, add another one.

And keep doing this until you feel you’re routine is optimal for your lifestyle, 

Routines keep us on track and in turn, you’ll be happy with yourself. When life gets easy, we get more of the good stuff!

By taking time to find your routine, it relieves your mind of what should I do now? 

It frees up time for yourself, helps you get enough sleep, and motivates you to take care of your health. 

4. Slow Down


I used to wake up frantic with a million things swamping in my head. All my thoughts jumbled and of course, I was late and always doing last-minute stuff I had forgotten the day before.

Then I learned something that helped me a great deal. I learned to choose 3 things the night before.

That means that from your long to-do list, you must choose the top 3 things you want to get done. Each evening, circle the 3 most important things to do the next day.

The next morning you no longer need to frantically figure anything out. You just do your 3 things, which you’ve prioritized as most important and essential to-do for that day.

The same goes for meals. Save time by figuring out the meals for the week in advance. Prepare the shopping list and just follow your plan. Much simpler than wondering what’s for dinner 10 minutes before or when everyone is starving.

Another way to slow down and be happy with yourself is to not feel obliged to always answer the phone or email or notifications! Let them be! Unless you know it’s an emergency, just slow down and take a break from the never-ending influx of information that never stops.

You stop. You slow down.. and reap the benefits even if it’s just for a weekend.

Try it.

5. Stay positive. 

small rock smile

Things happen to get you off track. You’ll lose motivation because that’s part of life and we’re only human after all.

But if you understand what’s happening, if you whisper positive thoughts to yourself, then you’ll move forward.

Saying I am willing, I want this, being specific.. it all defines your intentions and positive habits will follow.

Most times if you start with a smile it sets up the rest.

6. Practice daily self-care


Small changes in how you treat yourself go a long way.

Being happy with yourself today also means practicing daily self-care.

Learning to say no to others, changing the way you eat, taking time for a bubble bath, or reading a good book.

Doing only what’s essential and not weighing yourself down with other people’s expectations.

You get the message.

There are hundreds of different ways to be happy with yourself today via self-care.

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You’re there.


A big mistake most of us make is thinking once we get “there” we’ll be happy.

When in reality you should be happy with yourself now.

You are enough. Today is enough.

This reverse thinking improves your resilience and you become more aware and therefore more productive. 

Yes, you can rewire your brain. And you should!

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